Creating opportunities for, and offering support to those on their
breast cancer journey. 

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If you are a survivor or a supporter of a survivor, this is your opportunity to come together for peer connection, mentorship and to gain resources for strength in the journey.



B the Light hosts events throughout the year to raise awareness and bring those together who are on their breast cancer journey. Get moving with us and see how you can get involved. 



B the Light is a 501(c)3, started in 2016 in honor of Brenda Plinke, or Aunt “B” (pictured right) as she was known to family and friends.


Aunt B battled metastatic breast cancer for 18 years before she passed away in 2018 at the age of 58. She lived by the motto “Never Give Up Hope” and inspired all who knew her.

B the Light seeks to honor Aunt B’s legacy by coordinating ways for survivors to connect with others and with resources of support, in a variety of ways, both during or after treatment.


Aunt Brenda



The physical, emotional, and financial stresses of this diagnosis are devastating. Women who endure chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer often suffer from anxiety, depression, and PTSD following treatment. In many cases, they have had their identities as women robbed from them.


According to the American Psychological Association, “When one member of a family has cancer, the whole family is affected.”

Our current offerings include

  • Survival Fitness to be held, September 8th - October 29th 2021

  • ReLight Retreat to be held October 2nd 10am - 1p,

  • And we are excited to have the date set for our all new, "MegaWatt" retreat December 10th - 12, 2021 - More details to come!

Whether a survivor needs social groups or wellness partners, or even family support, your contribution will allow a survivor a variety of support and connection options for they and their family on a healing journey back to feeling whole again.



Join our cause and support breast cancer fighters and survivors. 


No matter how large or small, your donation can help shine light on families that have been on the cancer battle field.

Your donation will assist survivors and warriors with some of the financial setbacks associated with this journey. We offer HOPE Handbags, retreats and fitness programs to offer support and special services to those in special need, related to their diagnosis. 


Chiloe Enger Kottke and Amber Melby