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Official Kick Off 2021 - Lace Up and Get Moving!

When the B the Light team was faced with the sad reality that the annual gala would not be held due to COVID, it was a double blow; Without this fundraiser, we would not successfully meet our missions.

So, with all of these challenges, we knew it was essential that we step it up and get creative!

So - We are OFFICIALLY launching our second annual - Walk a Mile in Their Shoes 2021!

This event is to honor those who are going through or have gone through a cancer journey. We will walk, run, pose, paddle, and more to support and connect cancer survivors and their families.

Now grab your workout buddies, and let's come together for a cause!

Here are some FAQs answers to help with details.

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes – 2021 B, the Light Fundraiser - FAQs

1. What activity can I do?

You can do whatever you want! Walk, pose, paddle, push-up… Just do the

best you can! We encourage you to challenge yourself for those who


2. How do I sign up?

Registration is $35 and in lieu of what would have been the price of a gala ticket, we are asking that participants set a suggested fundraising goal of $75. If you cannot provide the fee, please email us at, and let’s chat on how you can still participate. CLICK TO REGISTER.

3. How long do I have to fundraise?

Funds can be raised from right now through the end of August. The actual event (when you perform your exercise) is August 1st – 8th and a grand finale will be held to celebrate together, at Harmon Park in New Ulm. More details to come.

4. What is the timeline of this event?

You can start today! Here are the steps:

· Pick your activity and set a goal.

· Rally your troops to participate too!

· Find people to support and donate toward your goal.

Then - October 1st through 8th 2020

· Go get it! Perform your challenge from the 1st-8th to signify 1 in 8 women being diagnosed with breast cancer. October is also breast cancer awareness month. This eight-day event should challenge your physical limits in honor of those for whom you are participating!

Not able to participate? Please consider supporting through donation.


5. How does your donation help?

We have been hard at work building our network and connection programs. We have granted four HOPE Getaways to families from Minnesota. Our very first recipient and her husband are hoping to head to Peru this fall to pursue her lifelong dream of climbing Rainbow Mountain.

As travel is a bit uncertain in coming months, we are utilizing donations now to

give “HOPE Handbags”. Cancer doesn't stop for COVID-19, so now is an even

more complicated time to face a breast cancer diagnosis. We are working to

immediately lift up survivors with these kits that include support connection

resources, access to a closed Facebook survivors group and other inspirational


“What will you do in 8 days?” Ready… set… go!!! CLICK TO REGISTER.

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