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Walk a Mile in Their Shoes - B the Light 2020 Fundraiser

So… the news is out! Our biggest fundraiser of the year is in full swing. Walk a Mile in Their Shoes is an initiative that:

1. Represents doing for others, what they may not be able to do themselves.

2. Allows people of all ages and physical ability to participate.

3. Lastly, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is designed to honor those who may not even be able to walk a mile, as a breast cancer patient, survivor or passed warrior. Together we will move in their honor!

So, what do you do right now?

1. Pick your passion – What is your goal for an exercise that you or your group will do over the course of 8 days? Do what you are able... or push your limits! - The choice is yours. (Group participation with your friends, family or colleagues is encouraged.)

2. Start training for your goal!

3. Look for individual and/or business sponsorship.

We are doing this for those who can’t. Some ideas include, bike a number of miles, walk or run a number of miles, CrossFit a number of hours, yoga a number of hours, hike a number of miles on your favorite trail, paddle a distance on a lake etc.

This week we are ordering the participant t-shirt and setting up our mobile platform / registration page by next week so be ready to rock!

We are setting a goal of $50,000 to support breast cancer survivors into the future.

“What will you do in 8 days?” Ready… set… go!!!

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