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Announcing #ShineYourLightSundays

Together, we can each make the world a kinder, brighter place with our everyday actions. And as “in touch” as we are through technology in current times, it's even more important to remember that the most fulfilling relationships are the ones that will come back through personal connections, truly genuine relationships, and those that bind us together as a community. At B the Light our mission is to spread the message of HOPE and shine light on others. With travel restrictions for the short-term future, we will not be able to offer HOPE Getaways during that time. So, we want to shift gears a bit to continue with our mission, in just a little different way.

Over the next few weeks we will start a new, temporary initiative #ShineYourLightSundays. We will choose an organization each week to spotlight and also donate to in honor of B the Light and our mission of HOPE.We have been incredibly inspired by our community already and want to pay it forward to do our part to help too. Here are a few more ways you can help others in this time, and help to B the Light for those around you!

Share something hopeful

Tell someone about a charitable cause that's doing good work. Post or share an upbeat news story.

Say "I believe in you"

Encourage someone who's working toward a goal. Let them know that you see them succeeding.

Reach out to someone who seems to be struggling

Ask, "What can I do now to help and support you?" Let them know you care and you're there to listen.

Offer a helping hand

Maybe you know a family caregiver or elderly neighbor who could use help with tasks or errands, and they are more at risk than you. Rake their yard, offer to get groceries, help them by setting up online banking for them. There are so many ways to help remotely in this time and even the most simple needs we can’t even begin to anticipate, so just ask!

Do random acts of kindness

Buy a stranger in the car behind you a cup of coffee or lunch at the drive through. Leave extra, (sanitized) coins at the laundry. Donate aired out, used books to a shelter or nursing home.

Look for the good in each day

You'll feel more optimistic and hopeful—and that's sure to lift up those around you too.

Be present and find joy in the little things!

We challenge you to share this forward and participate in #ShineYourLightSundays. Find an organization or person that could use your help, use maybe an extra meal, or other service and make this the time to help others. This is a time when it has never been needed more!

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