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Hopeful and Lifted - You are our light!

The most beautiful thank you note came in the mail this week. A note that reminded me WHY “B the Light” started in the first place, years ago, out of a place of darkness. It also reminded me of WHO inspired this light to shine, my Aunt B, who never gave up hope. Her message continues to help others.

“Thank you so much for the gift this past Christmas. It was so unexpected and truly touching. I loved the magnets and have them prominently displayed & the money was helpful at a critical time. All of this was so overwhelmingly good and uplifting, but the greatest gift (as if those weren’t enough) was reading your non-profit’s background.

Mrs. Brenda Plinke’s story gives me so much hope. I am not only uplifted by her strength, but so grateful to her and all the other women who have pioneered treatments and furthered our understanding of this diagnosis.

Every time I hear of a Stage 4 breast cancer survivor beating the odds, it helps me to look forward with hope of seeing my children grow. That gift is priceless and so hard to come by. Thank you to you and yours.

I am deeply honored and humbled and best of all…hopeful.”

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