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Gratitude Beyond Measure - 2019 Gala

The day after our first gala and I’m speechless. Literally and figuratively (lost my voice 😉).

Last night was the one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The love and energy in that event center was so, so special.

Our gala committee worked their buns off to pull this together. I cannot thank each of them enough.

Our sponsors? Unbelievable! We went in to the night with almost $35,000 in sponsorship and donations!

Live auction and silent auction donors? Wowzer! We had a great variety of items to bid on and everything sold for over its value!

Our fund a need brought in around $15,000 alone! 🤩 Together we raised over $92,000 and everything exceeded our dreams.

Thank you to each of you who attended and supported us! It was so heartwarming to hear everyone saying they couldn’t wait until next year! 🙌🏼Photos coming soon!! 💗✨

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