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B the Light Gala to raise funds in support of breast cancer survivors

By Deb Moldaschel, Editor

Posted Oct 13, 2019 at 6:00 AM

B the Light Gala at the Sleepy Eye Event Center on Saturday evening, Oct. 26.

An area organization — B the Light — formed to support breast cancer survivors, is holding its first major fundraiser, the B the Light Gala, at the Sleepy Eye Event Center on Saturday evening, Oct. 26.

Amber Melby of New Ulm, who is behind the non-profit organization and the Gala, said she started B the Light in 2016, in honor of her Aunt Brenda (“who we all called Aunt B”) an 18-year metastatic breast cancer survivor.

“Aunt B was diagnosed when she was 40,” Amber said. “She kept a hand written sticky note on her refrigerator that said, ‘Never Give Up Hope!’ and she lived by that motto.”

At age 40, Melby was also diagnosed with breast cancer. She said her Aunt B was her guiding light and inspiration.

Melby said Aunt B’s support, and the outpouring of love and support from so many others, was her inspiration to start B the Light. “We just want to shine a light on other people who are going through such a dark time,” she said.

Since its founding, B the Light has collected donations from family, friends, and local businesses. “We’ve been able to give $250 gifts to people we know are struggling with their own dark times,” said Melby. “When Aunt B passed in 2018, we decided to focus specifically on breast cancer survivors in Minnesota.”

“With the Gala we are raising funds for ‘HOPE Getaways,’ family trips for breast cancer survivors, organized similarly to those provided by Make A Wish,” said Melby.

For more information about our organization please search or CLICK HERE TO DONATE

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