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A Year in Retrospect - 2022

Looking back over the last year, we reflect with deep gratitude for the new connections we have made with survivors and their families. We are equally grateful for the lasting relationships made in the last four years as an organization.

In this last year, we have built new programs and refined existing offerings. We piloted two brand-new programs to fulfill our mission to connect and support survivors in the region

We look back at our retreats, art therapy, survival fitness, podcasts, and of course, our hope getaway, and we are excited about how far we have come. More importantly, how far our survivors have come in their connections with each other and engagement with the experiences we have offered.

Since the 2022 Gala, we have hit the ground running to ensure that we come back even stronger and with more to offer survivors in 2023. Here’s to a great New Year to come!

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