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Survival Fitness is a wellness initiative that uses fitness to offer support for breast cancer survivors, while also helping them to rebuild the strength lost during their journey. The program incorporates yoga at the New Ulm Wellness Collective, strength training, and health coaching, offered out of New Ulm CrossFit and is funded by B the Light, a local nonprofit dedicated to supporting women affected by breast cancer.   

Survival Fitness begins with our meet-and-greet at the New Ulm Wellness Collective - March 27th at 3 pm. Your fitness program will then begin Wednesday, March 30th at New Ulm Cross Fit, and run through May 20th.  


Your Tentative Survival Fitness Schedule:

Monday Evenings Yoga - New Ulm Wellness Collective

Wednesday and Friday Evenings  - Strength Training at NU Cross Fit

Please note that there may be slight changes.

Where are you at in your cancer journey?
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